Double Happiness

Comedy | Documentary
DIRECTOR: Ella Raidel
CAST: Yakira Cang, Monika Wenger, Siegwulf Turek
PG | 2014 | German, English, Chinese w/English Subtitles | 74 minutes

19 May 2022



Double Happiness takes the Chinese copy of Hallstatt, a small idyllic town in Austria, as the starting point to explore China’s rapid urbanization. The film depicts the background and the motivation behind a real-estate project that constructs a clone of Hallstatt in Guangdong province. Addressing the many complexities of cultural appropriation, director Ella Raidel elegantly and evocatively unfolds the parallel worlds of the original and copy, real-life and fiction, dream and reality through an interplay of visual imagery, commentary, interviews and songs.


Jury Prize - Urban Nomad Film Fest, 2015 Best International Film - Arquiteturas Film Festival Lisboa, 2015 Nominated for Best Documentary - Chicago International Film Festival and Best Film - Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2015.
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