Truth and Justice | Tõde ja õigus

DIRECTOR: Tanel Toom
CAST: Priit Loog, Priit Võigemast, Maiken Schmidt, Simeoni Sundja, Ester Kuntu
NC16 (*Brief nudity) | 2019 | Estonian w/English Subtitles | 165 minutes

24 May 2022



Estonia, 1870. The young and energetic Andres (Priit Loog) together with his wife Krõõt (Maiken Schmidt) arrives at his new farm, Robber’s Rise. This is bought on a loan to establish their new life and take care of the family. Running it through needs a lot of work and consistency, in addition to battling with nature, fate, and dealing with a spiteful neighbour. When life deals Andres more sufferings than successes, he searches desperately for truth and justice sacrificing his family, friends, and eventually himself in the process. Dreams of nurturing Robber’s Rise are soon overshadowed by grim reality. Based on celebrated Estonian writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare’s early 20th-century novel, this pan-generational saga is a meditation on the complexity of the human condition.


Best Actor (Priit Loog), Best Actress (Ester Kuntu), Best Director, Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Costume Design (Kristina Ago), Craft of the Year (Karin Tetsman) - Estonian Film and TV Awards (EFTA), 2020 Best Motion Picture, International Film - Satellite Awards, 2019 (California, USA)
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