Aurora Borealis

DIRECTOR: Márta Mészáros
CAST: Mari Törőcsik, Franciska Törőcsik, Ildikó Tóth, József Wunderlich, Eva Prosek, Leslaw Zurek, Jákob Ladányi, Hary Prinz, Ewa Telega, Antonio de la Torre
M18 (Sexual Scenes) | 2017 | Hungarian w/English Subtitles | Preceded by 2AM | 104 minutes

23 May 2022



Aurora Borealis is a family story with several twists taking place on two separate timelines. It analyses the relationship between a mother and a daughter in great depth. Mária (Mari Törőcsik), the elderly mother of Olga (Ildikó Tóth), the successful attorney living in Vienna, unexpectedly falls into a coma. While Mária is hovering between life and death, Olga comes across a deliberately withheld secret. The increasingly passionate investigation takes her back to war-torn Europe of the 1950s; where, at the end of her journey she discovers herself: a woman she never knew before. The film addresses the dramatic situations originating from identity crises, the deep wounds of war and the far-reaching impact of the secrets we keep.


Best Foreign Language Film (Audience Award) - 53rd Chicago International Film Festival 2017 Closing Night Film (Special Recognition) - Stony Brook Film Festival 2018 Nominated for Best Sound - Hungarian Film Week 2018 and Best Feature Film - Festival of European films in Paris 2018
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