DIRECTOR: Niccolò Castelli
CAST: Matilda De Angelis, Helmi Dridi, Irene Casagrande, Nicola Perot, Anna Manuelli, Kevin Blaser, Angelo Bison, Anna Ferruzzo, Neri Marcorè, Doro Müggler, Cristina Zamboni, Andrea Zogg
NC16 (Some Nudity and Mature Content) | 2021 | Italian w/English Subtitles | 90 minutes

18 May 2022



The long and painful fight of Allegra, the only survivor of a terrorist attack that killed three of her friends. Crushed and consumed by guilt and hatred, she is no longer herself. To regain her confidence, she must question herself. An unexpected encounter with Arad, a young refugee from the Middle East, helps her face the ghosts of her past and a trauma she is struggling to process.


Best International Film - Coronado Island Film Festival, 2021 Best Sound and Editing, Best Actress (Matilda De Angelis) - Jaipur International Film Festival, 2022 Best Actress Award (Matilda De Angelis) and nominated Best Film - Taormina International FIlm Festival, 2021 Nominations for Best Film, Best Cinematography - Swiss Film Prize, 2021
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