Mother of Apostles | Maty apostoliv

Drama | War
DIRECTOR: Zaza Buadze
CAST: Natalia Polovinka, Bohdan Benyuk, Oleksandr Pozharsky
NC16 (Coarse Language and Violence) | 2020 | Ukrainian w/English subtitles | Preceded by Three ways to falter | 122 minutes

12 May 2022

20:00 | By Invitation

23 May 2022



Sofia’s (Natalia Polovynka) peaceful life is disrupted when she receives news that the humanitarian plane her pilot son was flying was shot down over occupied territory, where there is war. She sets off on a perilous journey in search of her son after receiving an unsatisfactory response on his whereabouts. Through her searing portrayal while grappling with pain Sofia touches hearts and reaches out to people in places filled with despair.


Best Film and Best Director - Calella Film Festival 2021 Best Film, Best Music, Best Costumes, Best Trailer - 4th Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards 2022 Best Narrative Feature Film Winner, Best Director Feature Film, Best Composer of The Future, Best Producer - Cannes World Film Festival, 2022
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